Constructed out of fluorescent lights, wood and cardboard, wigs, mixed media and hardware sourced from the town of Brauweiller, Germany, the improvised sculptural form of the work was ongoingly reconfigured throughout it’s installation. The work featured small sound machines built in Melbourne. The work was sacrificially burnt at the end of the installation and in a small celebration with the people of Brauveiller. The work abstractly referenced the religious heritage of the town of Brauveiller.

The work can be remounted following guidelines for its process of creation. Those guidelines include community engagement and a dependency on recycling materials from communities where the work is presented.



“A little shriller are the tones in “Swarmlings” by James Hullick.  Small electro-motors knock on sound bowls, pluck on a violin, and make cardboard rasp.  The Australian brought the motors with him, with most of the other objects originating from Brauweiler.  He obtained cartons, purchased transparent sheets at the hardware store and a member of the Friends of Brauweiler provided a mirror.  All this was incorporated into an installation that will continuously change over the coming days.” Kölnische Rundschau, 2010.


Previous Presentations

Streams Festival, Abbey Brauweiller, Cologne.
15 – 18 April 2010


by )-(u||!c|<


Mechanical Engineer

Richie Allen



Wood, recycled objects, wigs, robotic actuators, electronic converter boxes, lap-top computer, cables, lights.



Can be installed in a gallery for weeks/months and operates automatically

70 min OR 35 min



Rachael Thompson, )-(u||!c|<



Rachael Thompson, )-(u||!c|<