Presented in public spaces as a gathering — or flock — of black teepees, each tent big enough for just two people. Within each, a brief work of sonic performance unfolds, a work solely for you – the only other person in the room. Sonic Flock is a collective work that celebrates the fluid creativity of communities.

The Sonic Flock is an experiential aural exhibit with a decidedly intimate twist – a free-form, immersive sonic art action with a rotating roster of dynamic local and international performers. Aside from the tepee design, the work also consists of a set of instructions, which are then expressed by improvising artists.



“Sonic Flock, described as “an experiential aural exhibit”, took place nightly in the foyer, where seven two-person-sized cloth tepees had been set up in close proximity to one another. Each tent contained a musician (who would later take part in a performance on the main stages) with their instruments/accoutrements, and audience members were encouraged to wander through the space and step into any tent for a few minutes to experience an intimate, one-on-one sonic performance. This functioned as a liminal space preparing audience members for the visual and aural immersion to follow, but also, beautifully and simultaneously, all the sounds from the various tepees in the foyer melded into an accidental acoustic cacophony.” Limelight Magazine, 2016.


Previous Performances

Melbourne Festival 2013, Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne. In partnership with The Click Clack Project and JOLT Arts.
12-13 October 2013.

The Book of Daughters, presented by JOLT Arts, Meat Market Melbourne.
10 – 12 November 2016.


This project was supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. This project has been assisted by the Australia Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding advisory body.





Aluminum, car carpet, hardware, lights,
seating, tables etc

Lighting Design
Bronwyn Pringle

Previous Artists
BOLT Ensemble
Noise Scavengers
Amplified Elephants
Belinda Woods
Karen Heath
Leah Scholes
Mary Doumany
Andrea Keeble
Phoebe Green
Caerwen Martin
Miranda Hill
Judith Hamann
Peter Neville
Tim Phillips
Nat Grant
Carolyn Connors
Cal Lyall
Carmen Chan
Dave Brown
Noriko Tadano
Richie Allen
Ros Bandt
Dale Gorfinkle
Alber Mishriki
Rod Cooper
Michael Hewes

Tepee Manufacture
)-(u||!c|< / Richie Allen

Variable: 30 min to several days

Tim McNeilage

Rachael Thompson, Emile Zile, )-(u||!c|<