is a work that laments the death of Australian bird species. This string quintet, performed by BOLT, and composed by )-(u||!c|<, has an audio score that is verbal text and birdcalls heard by the BOLT musicians through headphones. Resulting textures elide between brutal noise and bird song.

As a staged work, the experience is presented concert style, but in elegantly designed low light, emphasizing the listening experience.

Previous Performances

In: Monuments, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Footscray by The Click Clack Project and the Foostcay Community Arts Centre. In partnership with JOLT Arts. 2010.



BOLT Ensemble



BOLT Ensemble

Violin: Andrea Keeble

Violin: Zac Johnston

Viola: Phoebe Green

Cello: Caerwen Martin

Double Bass: Miranda Hill



Tim McNeilage and Owen McKern